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Request a care package for someone battling cancer and needs some love.

During my own cancer journey, I received endless amounts of care packages from friends and families. These gifts made me feel supported and brought a sense of joy during the days when I was feeling down. I have made it my mission to spread this love and care to others going through their own cancer journey.

Here you can request a care package and have a care package sent to anyone. When you are prompted for an address to deliver too, enter in the person’s address the care package will be going to.

Add a note if you want the person to know it came from you directly with the help of Angela’s Army as well.

All packages are different, if there is a certain item you would like in package, please let us know upon checkout!Β 

If you have any questions please contact us via email at: or through the website on the home page to leave us a message.

Thank you!

Note: Once care packages are requested, we will wait to confirm your order and the process to put together a package will begin. Typically, packages take about 1 to 2 weeks to curate and send out!


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