Dark to light- A life update

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to give a life update to all of you:

I am so very grateful to my cousin Paul Thompson who is apart of the American Hockey League playing for the Springfield Thunderbirds organization. A couple days ago I received a check from his team, donating almost $2,000 from their Hockey Fights Cancer game that took place this past November. Paul raised this money for my charity by simply being the incredible hockey player he is. During their Hockey Fights Cancer game, his jersey had Angela’s Army on the back in place of his last name. All of the Thunderbird fans came together and bid on Paul’s jersey to raise money for Angela’s Army. A few days later I received his jersey in the mail, I was ecstatic to have his jersey in my home. 

His generosity encouraged me to finalize Angela’s Army as a non-profit charity in the state of New Hampshire. As of today, Angela’s Army will be registered in the state of New Hampshire as a non-profit charity! I believe in continuing my charity will motivate me to stay positive throughout all the adversities this world throws at all of us. Angela’s Army has gotten me through the darkest of times and brought me to my lightest. Finalizing Angela’s Army was an end goal I have wanted for my charity since the little purple bracelets were created.  

I think in this time of uncertainty and fear it is important to stay on the path of positivity. Each day I try to find something that will bring me joy and happiness. Whether that is talking to friends, going for walks/runs, or trying to cook a meal I have never had before. Finding the simplicities in all of this worlds complexities helps each day go by smoother. 

Lastly, as a surviving cancer patient I think it is important to explain how at risk cancer patients (and any individual suffering underlying health conditions) are during the pandemic. Cancer patients immune systems are extremely compromised (mine even still is despite being in remission) therefore they are at higher risk of getting sick from this virus than others. 

The smallest of viruses and diseases can immensely effect cancer patients. 

For example, during the summer when I was neutropenic (which is the lack of ‘good’ cells, leading to increased susceptibility to infection) I tested positive for a cold and was rushed into the hospital. For any other individual this would simply be a cough and a sniffle. For me, it was a week long hospital visit consisting of tubes, IVs, on the oncology floor at Beth Israel. My immune system was so weak it went into shut down mode, as it did multiple times from the smallest of viruses. I am not telling this story to make anyone feel bad, I want it to be a  representation of how at risk cancer patients truly are beyond their cancer.  

Me and Papa Steve during quarantine

Please stay inside, go on runs/walks, and let’s protect each other during this crisis. The sooner we all come together and agree, the better. 

To all the healthcare professionals, essential workers, and anyone on the front lines: THANK YOU! 

Love to you all <3 


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