Jack Attack

Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. My hero is Jack Callahan, the toughest three year old I know. Jack was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor located on his pelvis February 8th, 2019. The germ cell tumor was a result of an infection in his leg called toxic synovitis. Jack was unable to walk from the pain of this tumor for weeks, until his diagnosis.

Fortunately, milestones have been reached by my friend Jack as he finished high dose chemotherapy in early November and his PET/MRI scans seem hopeful to his doctors. However it is still a long road ahead for Jack, as he has to undergo additional cancer treatment called proton radiation which started on January 9th which will target his pelvis with advanced technology.

As for the high dose chemo it caused Jack to have permanent hearing damage which caused him to have to wear hearing aids. BUT any adversity is no challenge for Jack as he remains smiling and happy.

Every time I was sick or in the hospital- I would think of my buddy Jack. He was and is my first beacon of hope enduring this disease. His mother and father, Emily and Mike, are perfect examples of what staying positive and down to earth during something which most would say is the worst thing to happen are. I am so grateful to have come in contact with such an amazing little boy and family.

Thanks for giving me constant hope and strength Jack Attack, you are beyond amazing. The link to Jack Attack’s GoFundMe will be linked down below.

I’ll leave you all with this: Although he may be small, he is so very mighty. Keep on fighting hero.

Jack’s GoFundMe Link:


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